Bone blocks installation

Bone blocks installation

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Installation of bone blocks

In dentistry, an augmentation of the bone tissue is a usual procedure to support the bone fund before implantation. BoneAlbumin™ is used in the form of fine bone chips or as blocks for the repair of large defects. Several clinical studies have demonstrated the superiority of human bone grafts over animals or synthetic bone fillers in these indications.

The technology of using human bone grafts turns allografts into the higher level of biological activity, mainly integrating serum albumin in order to start the renewal of stem cells from the surrounding bone marrow.

Albumin is bone protein. Osteoblasts produce albumin first and then collagen. Albumin is a standard component of the stem cell growth medium. We modified the well-known and safely used human allograft treatment protocol by adding the patented impregnation stage of serum albumin to the procedure. Thus, just using BoneAlbumin™ the healing power of the serum is used for bone grafting. Since both components, albumin and bone have been safely used for decades, there are very few chances for unknown side effects. Each of our grafts is processed in licensed bone banks in accordance with protocols approved by the competent authorities.

Since 2011, about 3,000 implantations have been performed without any serious complications. BoneAlbumin™ is currently sold as a filler in dentistry and orthopaedics.