Highest sterilization rate

The highest level of sterilization. Class B autoclave for sterilization.

We want you to feel safe and be sure that in our clinic you are protected from different infections during the treatment. Class B autoclave is the most reliable equipment.

Class B autoclave for sterilization.

Class B autoclave for sterilization.

All autoclaves are divided into three classes: N, S and B. While class N autoclaves provide sterility only to simple unpacked instruments without internal cavities, class B autoclaves do not have these limitations due to advanced technical capabilities.

Tools of complex construction have internal cavities and channels i.e. critical areas. It is difficult to reach these areas for the sterilizing agent (pair).

Thanks to the pre-vacuum function in the B-Class autoclaves, air is completely removed from all cavities, that ensures their subsequent filling with steam.

After the sterilization cycle is finished, the treated instruments are thoroughly dried in order to exclude favourable conditions (humidity) for contamination by pathogens and their expansion. Specifically vacuuming can provide such drying in critical areas. Only vacuum drying ensures minimum residual moisture not only for tools but also for textiles (0.2% and 1.0%, respectively).

In practice, it means that we get guaranteed sterile and dry material (tools of any complexity, textiles, etc.) in single or even double packaging.