Dental scanner

Dental tomograph with cephalostat, made in Japan.

Dental scanner

J. Morita X-ray panoramic machines and tomographs are devices of Japanese quality, minimal radiation dose and excellent diagnostic results.

The story of J. Morita started in 1916 when in Kioto Junichi Morita founded the legendary corporation. To the whole world today their equipment is the benchmark for quality, reliability, the latest technologies and aesthetic appeal.

Machines of the medium (Veraviewеpocs 5) and high (Veraviewepocs LT) classes are equipped with a unique autofocusing system based on the reflected infrared beam and automatic exposure control, which allows minimizing radiation exposure and providing high image quality. Both models, if necessary, can be equipped with a cephalostat and a digital system.

Digital panoramic machines Veraviewepocs 5D, Veraviewepocs SD, Veraviewepocs SDCP provide outstanding image clarity, contrast, and resolution at a super high speed.

The high speed of work (exposure time in a panoramic study is 8.2 seconds) allows giving the patient less radiation dose and minimize the negative effects of diagnostics.